BankExec 2014

The BankExec portion of your Stonier program provides you with both theoretical and practical experience in managing a bank from the perspective of top management.  BankExec enables you to understand asset/liability management and the ways in which it must be coordinated with overall bank objectives.  It also teaches you to use information about both the bank and its external environment to make effective decisions.

You will be part of a bank management team competing against other teams in a simulated community.  Your simulation bank will begin in the same financial condition, and will operate in the same economic environment as your competitors.

You must complete this pre-session curriculum prior to attending the program.  The assignment will help you prepare for the competition and help you to become familiar with the financial model.  In addition, you and your team can jump right into making the decisions necessary to operate your bank on day one.
  1. Pre-Session Assignment
  2. Starting Point Initial Analysis
  3. Bank Financial Performance

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Schrank:

We look forward to seeing you at Stonier.