The form for deferral is attached at the bottom of this page.  Please read the information provided before submitting the form.

                                      DEFERRAL POLICY                                       


Students accepted for enrollment in Stonier may defer, with the approval of the ABA Program Director, for a maximum of three years. Any paid tuition will also be deferred for those three years. At the end of the three years, the student will be de-activated and the tuition will be forfeited.

Should the student decide to return for a future session, the student must reapply and the ABA Program Director will determine what prior work is still applicable to the current curriculum as well as what work needs to be completed to qualify for graduation. The tuition and fees will be those then in effect and posted on

Tuition Transfer

If the institution prefers to transfer the tuition to another employee, the applicant must meet the admittance criteria as outlined on the application.  Transferred tuition can be done within the three-year deferral period.  Written tuition transfer request must be sent to the attention of the Program Director, and will be valid upon the new applicant’s acceptance into the program.


For those students who have completed all coursework and are re-applying to complete the Capstone Strategic Project after the three year deferral period, there will be a fee of $795. This fee will entitle the student to the services of a Capstone Advisor and grader, as well as to present his/her Capstone with the Banking 3 students at the next June session at the University of Pennsylvania.  The student will be expected to attend both Capstone Presentation days. The student will, at his/her option, be permitted to attend the distinguished speaker presentation as well as to monitor classes throughout the week. The fee also covers the diploma and participation in the graduation ceremony and reception. All travel, hotel and other expenses will be the student’s responsibility. 

This is separate from the Wharton Leadership Program.

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