Stonier Mobile App
Download the Mobile App

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & Android phones
  • Visit your App Store of Google Play on your device and search for Stonier 2014
  • Click "free" button to go to install screen
All other web-browser enabled phones including Blackberry
After you have downloaded the app, follow these instructions:
  1. To access content - Enter your email address (as used for communicating with the ABA Stonier team) and the password: St0n1er14
  2. To access your personal schedule - Apple/Android devices: click the settings (gear) icon at the top of the Dashboard, select Schedule Syncing, and enter your email address and the password : [St0n1er14]
  3. Blackberry devices: "Sign In" with your email address and password [St0n1er14] then select "Dashboard" to access your schedule